Frequently asked questions

How do I qualify for 60% MUA discount?

When ordering 20 or more eyelashes, please enter discount code MUA60 and the discount will apply.

Why isn't mink cruelty free?

Many brands claim their eyelashes are 100% cruelty free, despite the use of Mink fur in their eyelashes. This, however, just isn't true. Minks are confined to tiny, awful wire cages in extremely unsanitary conditions. Minks are frequently bred and slaughtered for their fur, often by being gassed in chambers. If you purchase mink eyelashes you are contributing to the abysmal fur trade in which minks experience extreme terror, disease, stress and often death. Mink eyelashes can never be cruelty free. #SAYNOTOMINK Here at Dare Lashes, we strive to put an end to this awful trade with 5% of every purchase going to WWF. Choose compassion. Choose Dare Lashes. Dare to be different.

My order has arrived faulty/damaged

Please accept our sincerest apologies that your order has arrived faulty/damaged. Please email in the first instance, in order for us to rectify this issue.

I haven't received my item

We're extremely sorry to hear that your item has not been received. Please email to rectify this. Be assured that we will work closely with DPD to resolve this.

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