Dare Lashes began as an idea by our founder, a university student in her second year of studies. Being an avid eyelash user, the idea sprang from her countless searches for cruelty free eyelashes, that offered something more. She became aware of the cruel fur trade and their exploitation of minks for eyelashes. 

Noticing the eyelash scene littered with Mink eyelashes, in the hope of dissolving peoples need for real fur eyelashes, she felt passionate about bringing high-quality synthetic lashes to the market. Our world is forever changing and the cruel fur trade is something she felt entirely passionate about. Therefore, Dare Lashes was born. 


She brought out high quality, affordable, cruelty free eyelashes that revolutionised the eyelash game. Like mink but better, eyelashes no longer need to abuse animals for our beauty. With 5% of every purchase donated to WWF to help eradicate the cruel fur trade. Together, we will make a difference.


Dare to be different.

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